On arrival at Manchester airport, your pet will be brought from the aircraft by the airline’s ground handling company to our facility on the cargo centre. Once your pet arrives with us, we will complete the required Defra checks and Customs clearance (if applicable). We will ensure your pet has fresh drinking water on arrival and dogs will be taken into our outdoor enclosure and indoor kennels to stretch their legs and for toileting providing that they are comfortable to do so. Please note that we do not provide a grooming or kennel cleaning service as this prevents cross-contamination. If you are worried that your pet may make a mess in their travel kennel, we would recommend that your bring some cleaning wipes and fresh bedding with you.
 Please note that prompt clearance depends on us receiving all required paperwork in advance including pets passport copies, health certificate copies, vet book copies and instruction forms completed for clearance. All original paperwork should be available and attached to the kennel for us to check on arrival. For pets arriving from outside the EU and special territories, see UK Import Information as customs clearance will be required.
As we are only hold a small facility, our Defra licence only permits us to hold pets for a maximum of 4 hours. Due to this, all pets must be collected within 4 hours of arrival. If this is not possible, boarding kennels should be arranged to collect your pet on your behalf. See our Links page for contact details of local boarding kennels.
Pets are usually ready for collection approximately 1.5 hours after flight arrival (may be slightly longer for United Airlines arrivals – please contact GR8 FR8 from our Links page if your pet is arriving with United Airlines). If you are on-board the same flight as your pet, please make your way to the Pets On Jets facility to collect your pet as soon as you have re-claimed your luggage and passed through the airport. See our ‘Contact Us’ page for our full address and location.

You can check your pet’s flight arrival time by using the Manchester airport arrivals page here.

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